Do you ditch your sunglasses as soon as winter season starts? Do you also believe in following the masses and not carry your sunglasses while going out during winter season. Well! Not wearing sunglasses during winters is a popular opinion but has very less of science backing it.

Why Sunglasses in Winter

Research papers, sunglasses experts and winter scientists have always written in the favour of wearing sunglasses during winters. Here we will traverse through the varied reasons and try to decipher the hidden truth behind this misleading opinion. Let’s put an attempt and bring an end to this stupid opinion, today.

Why such an illogical opinion is popular across the world?

harmful uv radiation

The answer lies with the fact that sunglasses were developed to avoid UV rays in coming contact with eyes, given ultra violet rays can damage sensitive parts of our eyes. UV rays and other harmful particles can move freely during summer because of absence of fog hence it becomes utterly necessary for people to wear one. A lot of people believe that presence of fog during winter actually blocks the UV rays and other harmful particles from reaching our eyes, which in true sense is a very illogical argument. Varied studies and researches have proved that UV rays can pierce through toughest materials and impact our eyes, which dissolves the fact that fog can protect our eyes from lethal ultra violet rays.

Snow and reflection of Ultra Violet Rays

During winters, sun sits at a lower juncture in the sky, which makes the ultra violet rays reach earth at a different angle. The fact that angle of incidence changes during winter, the angle of reflection also changes. Snows start reflecting ultra violet rays present in sunlight at an angle, which makes it appear brighter than before. Studies have proved that sunlight shines brighter during winter than in summer, which again proves that not carrying sunglasses during winter is stupid idea.

When you decide to take a holiday during winters and spend your free time in snow, you must carry your sunglasses because you will be exposing your eyes to brighter sunlight, which can damage your eyesight and other sensitive viewing abilities at par. Winters are the time when you should take the utmost care of your eyes. Do not take chances when participating in winter sports, make use of the best available sunglasses and protect your eyes not only from UV rays but also from other harmful articles.

UV Rays and Children

kids with sunglasses outing

While as an adult you love spending time inside the house but be it winters or summers, kids are going to go out and have fun. It is not theirs but your responsibility to ensure that they are exposed to UV rays at a mediocre level; exposure at higher levels can damage their eyes even before they turn adult, which is certainly not good news.

Now that the basics are clear, let’s look out for some more reasons for carrying sunglasses during winters:

Sunglasses reduces glare

As mentioned earlier, with the change in angle of incidence, the angle of reflection also changes, which makes sunlight brighter and produces glare. Too much of glare cannot only damage eyes but also affect our skin. While sunscreen creams are suggested, it is important for people to carry sunglasses and wear them often. Glare can affect your eyes at a maximum level during driving, participating in snow games and also during skiing.

Protection against harmful articles

During winter winds may come down but the presence of harmful articles touches the highest level. The density of air increases and with it increases the density of dirt in area. Dirt, debris and wind will affect your eyes during winter the most. There’s so much these dirt can damage because lack of wind makes them immovable, which increases the disk of incurring infection and damage.

Reduces headache and eyestrain

All the factors we have mentioned combine together to leverage you with migraine like headache during winters. You cannot skip the damages these dirt, UV rays and debris will do but you can certainly minimize them by wearing sunglasses. Migraine headache will reduce you to bed and will succumb your day-to-day activities.

Such headache might look acute but they are very harmful and can affect your eyes forever and ever. Wearing sunglasses during winters will not only protect your eyesight but will also help you avoid headache and eyestrain.

Sunglasses also improve vision

Sunglasses are not meant for vision correction but they can improve vision and help you see under all kinds of light. The fact that our eyes are self enabled and have the power of adjusting to the latest trends and situations but wearing sunglasses aids them to adopt to the situation faster, which reduces eye strain and also helps you in avoiding headache.

How to choose the right sunglasses?

Following the listed tips and you will be able to acquire the best available eye gear for yourself this winter:

  • Look out for a sunglass those blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. X-Ford Eyewear sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses with UV-filters that offers complete protection from harmful UVA, UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.
  • Closing fitting and wear around sunglasses adds up to the comfort and also provides all round protection against the UV rays.
  • Photochromic lenses helps your eyes adjust to the varied lights. They improve vision during lower and readrighter lights.
  • Prefer Polycarbonate glasses when you are planning participate in winter sports. They are break resistant and can protect your eyes from unnecessary damage.
  • Gradient lenses protect your eyes against the glare and make it easier for you to see under all kinds of light.

As the citizens of modern age, it is important for all of us to lead a healthier and happier life; modern day technology and science has enabled us to abundance of knowledge, we can use the available knowledge for a better and a happier life. Let’s make optimum use of available opportunities and see that we are acquiring the best of everything and protecting ourselves in all situations.

Now, it’s your turn? What do you say on wearing sunglasses in winter? Share with us in the comments and share this resource with your friends and family.





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